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The leading Human Capital Management (HCM) SaaS solution vendor in Asia Pacific

About eRoad

eRoad is the leading Human Capital Management (HCM) SaaS solution vendor in Asia Pacific. People+, our flagship cloud HCM platform, provides human resources, payroll, benefits, workforce management, performance management, and talent management capabilities in a single platform or though an integrated product. Our platform helps you manage the entire employee lifecycle, from recruiting and onboarding, to paying people and developing their careers. eRoad provides solutions for over 1000 companies worldwide,from mid-size businesses to global large organizations .

  • Advanced One-Stop Solution and Product

    Focus on complex payroll processing, supports all C&B structure, incentives & commission policies; designed for people centric & user intuitive mobile solution; highly secured

  • Strong Technical Capability of the Platform

    Robust PaaS architecture; High extensibility & flexibility: >600 loosely-coupled models; Strong integration capability

  • 20+ Years’ Experience in Enterprise Services

    Core team from SAP,Oracle,ADP,Kronos, CIIC, etc., with 20+ years’ experience in enterprise management software and HR services

  • Huge Investment in HR Tech R&D

    As the Unicorn HR SaaS company in China, eRoad had invested over 2 billion RMB in the past 8 years focusing on HCM SaaS development with over 500 R&D and implementation staff. Today, eRoad has been proven to be the only vendor in China to replace original global HCM software vendors, such as SAP, Oracle, Kronos etc., in dozens industry leading enterprises in China



Launch eRoad People+ Composable HCM SaaS.The number of users exceeded 4 million.Complete a series of D financing of RMB 1 billion yuan


The number of users exceeded 3 million


Complete the C2 round of financing led by Zhongding Capital; Huaxing New Economic Fund exclusively invested in the C3 round of financing.Release the upgraded one-stop human resource management platform People+Pro


Complete the C1 round of financing, led by SIG, followed by Hillhouse Capital, etc.Pass data security certification SOC1&SOC2&SOC3 (SSAE18).The number of users exceeded 2 million


Complete round B financing of exclusive investment of Hillhouse Capital


Launched payroll AI big data analysis platform---Smartsalary


Completed a round of financing worth tens of millions of yuan


Invested by tens of millions of angels, upgraded to eRoad People+


The current management team has acquired eRoad Software to start the strategic transformation of enterprise mobile Internet applications

Leadership Team

  • Oliver.Wang

    Chairman and CEO

    Top figures in China's HR science and technology influence

    20+ years of experience in enterprise informatization

    Former SAP Global Vice President

    Founder of SAP Labs China and China User Group of SAP

  • Max.Miao

    Co Founder and President

    Senior expert in management application software industry

    25+ Years Industry Experiences

    Former GM of Kronos Greater China

    Former Compuware Gomez Vice President Asia

    Former Director & GM of QAD Greater China

  • Joyce.Wang

    Executive Vice President

    20+ years of experience in HR consulting and software management

    Former SAP Solutions Director

    Former Head of SAP Success Factors & ByD Reference Team in China

Guarantee of Data and Information Security

eRoad has passed the audit formulated by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), the corresponding data security audit report issued by Ernst&Young